Welcome to PHANTOMPowered by an open-source decentralized delegated proof-of-stake blockchain

Performance Driven Encrypted Transactional DataPrivate Smart Contracts through a Delegated Proof-of-Stake System

Open Source

Built on top of ARK’s open-source blockchain to build an interoperable, scalable, governed solution.

Scalable Infrastructure

Allows for cross-chain interoperable communication through smart bridges and private smart contracts


Malicous Attack Proof by operating a Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus model.

Protect Data

Build Decentralized Applications that can be trustless and protect sensitive data such as ID applications.

Private Contracts

The transactional data that gets verified by the nodes is  divided so that one node does not have the ability to view the information

Supports Open Standards

High Throughput Transactional Capabilities to process Private Smart Contracts efficiently.

Phantom Chain Connect to the PHANTOM network through a standard desktop client

Phantom Chain gives our users the ability to send and receive transactions, launch and view private smart contracts, vote and stake in the network, and operate a fully decentralized community.

Run a PHANTOM Node

Enabling Strong GovernanceA decentralized protocol where delegates are voted in to operate the system


PHANTOM network Delegates are the block producers of the network who are voted by the operators of the blockchain.

Multiple Nodes

Transactions performed by Private Smart Contracts get broken down to pieces of code that go through numerous nodes so that the data can’t be revealed. 


Transactions are guaranteed to be processed by nodes with low fee computing costs.

Cross-chain Interoperable Smart ContractsUtilize ARK's Smart Bridge Tool to communicate cross-chains privately

The PHANTOM blockchain has been built and forked off of ARK’s system with the ability to be interoperable with other blockchain’s launched within the network. PHANTOM launched blockchains are pre-programmed with our PHANTOM layer that allows communication between different designed blockchains with the ability to communicate privately. Users can set up a specific key which will be used to access the data when sending a transaction. This key is is locked by the system and broken into pieces so that one single node can’t decrypt the data. 

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Latest News

PHANTOM – Post Launch Updates

After a few days of the mainnet being live, the PHANTOM team has made observations from the protocol and would like to give some updates in regards to the topics below. Delegates Currently we are seeing people register as delegates and get voted into the top 51, but are not running a forging node. This…

PHANTOM Main Network Live

The PHANTOM Main Network is now officially live and the first genesis block has been forged! First the PHANTOM project would like to thank the team over at ARK for creating an open-source platform designed for the scalability of launching interoperable custom blockchains. PHANTOM is proud to be the first forked version of ARK v2…

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