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PHANTOM ProtocolDesigned to be scalable and protect privacy

Scalable Infrastructure

PHANTOM has been designed to meet scalable needs. As others want to grow our network and build on top of it, they are able to to do so by running their own out-of-the-box blockchain and use smart bridges to be interoperable.

Encrypted Transactions

Protecting the sensitive data transacting through the blockchain has been the biggest hurdle thus far. Using PHANTOM the transactional data that interacts with smart contracts will be broken into pieces across multiple nodes so that one node alone can’t see the data but consensus is met.

Developer Friendly

PHANTOM uses ARK blockchain as a base which means the development of the project will be in Node.JS where users can create their own solution in a simple way.

Global Support

Our nodes will be operated from all over the world with developers across many continents. PHANTOM will remain an open-source project and we hope to see our community involved in its future.